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Seller Consultation

Trying to decide if it makes sense to sell in the low market can be very stressful. News reports change from day to day and create a very confusing picture about the future of the market. Sometimes sellers find themselves in a position where declining market values have left them with very little equity in their home so it's especially difficult to know whether selling is the right thing to do.

Our free seller consultation will help you decide if selling is right for you or not. This private and confidential meeting is also useful for sellers who are struggling with their mortgage payments or who may be upside down on their mortgage because we can help you understand the options before you. If you are considering keeping your current home for investment, we can help you calculate what your monthly profits or losses will be and give you a good idea of what to expect as a landlord.

Our seller consultation will help you understand:
  • The value and marketability of your home
  • Your options after selling
  • The mechanics of a short sale
  • Your options for avoiding foreclosure
  • Strategies for keeping your current home as a rental
Move Up Consultation

Many homeowners are considering moving up to a larger home or to a better location. Yet, with all the talk about the terrible market, it's difficult to know if it's even possible considering that many people would need to sell their current home in order to buy the replacement home.

We utilize several different strategies to help our clients get out of one property and into another despite the low market. Most importantly, we can help protect your interests so that you don't get stuck in a situation where you are forced to sell your current house but don't have a new house to move into.

There are many advantages to moving up in a low market and there are even financing options available that would allow you to purchase the replacement house even with 100% financing or purchase it without selling your current house at all. With the rental market as strong as it is, it makes sense for a lot of people to actually keep their current home as a rental when moving up.

Our move-up consultation will help you understand:
  • The marketability and value of your current home
  • Your financing options
  • The rental value of your current home
  • Types and availability of replacement homes
  • How your interests are protected by the purchase contract
  • What your risks and advantages are in moving up
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